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Anxiety….like hell.

Anxiety & depression both medical terms are related to neurological condition in human brain. This topic shouldn’t discuss in web page & social media. In this time victim people need discuss with physicians. Wrong advice drive can ruin their life & some cases getting worse. Anxiety is when your mind starts making up sceneries because someone is too busy to hangout with you. Sometimes these sceneries don’t make sense or just hurtful but honestly .can‘t do anything about it. Except try & tell yourself they are lies & hope they go away. Anxiety + depression is when you think of how things don’t work well around you. This time you feel everyone is having their own times.  That time you feel alone around the world & clueless. You feel afraid that when you try to step out from your corner. You feel embarrass yourself because you don’t know how to fit in. In that case you should change of environment & exercise can give better result. And never forget discuss with physicians.